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  • Economic Database: Over 100 economic indicators from Puerto Rico, USA, and Dominican Republic.
  • Biweekly Newsletter: Businesses need to be prepared for any changes in economic activity and need to-the-point analysis on topics such as PROMESA, Title III, central government debt, federal transfers and more. We send a BIWEEKLY NEWSLETTER to inform our clients of the latest so they can make the best decisions.
  • Economic Forecast: Our firm is continuously working on econometric models for each sector to forecast behavior.
  • Presentation by Gustavo Vélez: Members will have a yearly presentation for their businesses by economist and president or the firm, Gustavo Velez.
  • POWER BI: We've partnered with Microsoft in order to provide you with a dynamic tool to visualize all our and your data in a single dashboard.

$3,120 annually

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